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Custom DXF Service

Help is just a click away! Email and attach the jpg of the image you need converted to a DXF. Be sure to include the desired finished size and any important details about your project. Rate is $20/hour and you will be given a price quote.


I always send a DXF and SVG in a zipped folder along with the proof to show your customer before you cut it. If you need other file formats, let me know at time of order. I can send DWG, AI, and a variety of others.


I will send the proof and a Paypal invoice when I'm done. Payment must be made before you receive the files. After payment is received, the zipped folder will be sent to your email.


Don't have Paypal? I can list your custom file on Etsy and you can check out with a credit card.


Sample prices:

Badges $25-50

Portraits $50 and up

Pet portraits $20 and up

Bitmap trace $5


The average file price is $35 for custom work. If it's something I think might be an Etsy seller, I may offer to sell it to you at Etsy prices and I will list it on Etsy for others to purchase as well. Want to keep it custom, just let me know.


You can also make an offer! So if you want to, say "I will pay you X dollars to convert this image to a 20"x24" file."


When you contact me at include the following:

JPG of the project. A doodle will work as well, but provide a visual.

Finished size.

Minimum spacing for your table. If none is specified, I will use 0.15"

Any other details about your project. Be specific.

My facebook page for CNC plasma files

Premade files for sale on Etsy

DXF and SVG files are ready to instantly download on Etsy.

Visit Etsy to download files made for CNC plasma cutting.

How do I order a custom file?


Attach the JPG you need converted into a file for CNC plasma cutting.

Tell me what the finished size will be.

Tell me any specific detail about your customer's order.

Tell me the thinnest you can cut before your table has burnout. (see node test)

Free CNC plasma file download

Download some free files here and try my design style. Make sure they will work with your cutting system before ordering custom work.

Buy premade DXF files

Visit RHM on Etsy to instantly download DXF and SVG files that are clean and ready to cut.


Click here for Robin Hill Machine on Etsy

Try before you buy

I am a member of a few plasma forums.            ~ RHM963                 ~JRE      ~ robinhillmachine


I have free files posted on all of those forums. You can download more samples of my work there.



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